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Greek’s Playland, Inc. is a non-profit organization, number 226-923/000. With no paid employees, its Board of Directors, are all volunteers with myself as President. My name is Spiro Drake, alias The Greek. I have been the sole financier of Greeks’ Playland, Inc. for over 40 years. I want Greek’s Playland to continue, and now I need your help.

Since 1973, over 100,000 underprivileged and handicapped children and adults have spent a Free Day here. At The Stone Museum, our curator has conducted well over 800 free tours of the facility. The Stone Museum is open to the public, and has always had Free Admission. No fees or donations have ever been accepted from visitors. On the reverse side is a list of some of the Groups that have enjoyed a free day at Greek’s Playland.

I am 81 years old, and have suffered 2 strokes that have taken their toll. For the first time in my life, I am now afraid that Greek’s Playland will not continue. I asked my friend, Joe Cayre for some advice. I told him that I had been offered $15 million from several builders for the entire 87 acres. Before Joe ever saw the place, he advised me to sell the land and build the Playland somewhere else. I asked him to visit the facility. When Joe came to the site, he said that there was no place like it and that it could never be replaced. Joe asked me what I needed now, and I told him that I needed $50,000 to see me through the end of the year. He gave me the money, and told me that additional funds could be raised from corporations, and he would help me.

Greek’s Playland has 4 Banquet Halls on the property, which are also used by Garden Falls for weddings and other Special Events, which supports Greek’s Playland and The Stone Museum. Enclosed is a current brochure listing the rooms available from Garden Falls. The prices are very reasonable, and this will help to ensure easy rentals. This is the first time a Catering Hall has listed their prices. As long as there are Weddings, Garden Falls will be able to continue funding Greek’s Playland and The Stone Museum.

I am asking for donations from corporations. Once I have raised $3.5 million, Greek’s Playland, Inc. will own the 87 acres of property in perpetuity and can never be sold for apartments, etc. I will install heat and air conditioning in the 4 Banquet Halls and also complete all needed updates and repairs so that Greek’s Playland and the Stone Museum will be completed. At the entrance to Greek’s Playland, a 6 ton stone will be on display, with an engraved titanium plate containing the names of all donors of $25,000 or more. A co-memorable booklet will list all other donors.

If you would like to know more about this project, please click on or go to Our Facebook page is: You can contact The Greek at 732-521-2232 or email him at


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The Greek

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