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Garden Falls owner

The owner of Garden Falls known as “The Greek” has an inspiring story behind why he created Garden Falls. During the depression, when The Greek was born, he was found abandoned as a newborn baby in a coal bin. He became a ward of the state and was placed in a foster home. He ended up being raised by his foster mother who fostered 60 children throughout her lifetime, many of them with disabilities. Greek grew up in a home where he saw the struggles firsthand that come with being physically or mentally disabled.

Before Greek’s foster mother passed away, he promised her that if he ever made a lot of money he would give half of it to charity. It turned out that Greek became a landscaper and found his niche in landscaping people’s homes by installing built in swimming pools with layers of waterfalls surrounded by plants and boulders. He would bring in full grown evergreen trees turning his client’s backyards into a natural paradise that looked like it was always there. Word got around about his work and his reputation grew quickly as he was called on by the rich and famous throughout New Jersey. From Jon Bon Jovi and  author Judy Blume to top lawyers, doctors and business executives, Greek made his fortune! However, instead of giving half of it away to charity as he promised…he gave it all away to his own personal charity called Greek’s Playland Inc.

Over the years, Greek has had over 800 free parties for disabled children and adults at Greek’s Playland. He built the facility barrier free and under cover for easy access in a wheelchair rain or shine. As The Greek got older and stopped landscaping, he created a reception facility called Garden Falls in Monroe Township, NJ. All profits from renting one of the banquet rooms at Garden Falls goes towards funding Greek’s Playland and the Stone Museum today and for years to come. Greek is now working on making the entire 47 acre facility non-profit.

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